Friday, June 29, 2007

Understand Forex Leverage

It is very important you understand Forex leverage if
you are serious about earning profits from trading.

This leverage, or margin as it is more correctly known,
is the relationship between the actual amount of funding
you have in your trading account, and the value of the
currency controlled.

Competition between brokers in the currency market has
resulted in offerings of up to 400:1 margin accounts. The
effect of this high margin is a small change in price will
translate into a much larger change in the bottom line
of your account.

Profits and losses will happen proportionately quicker as
the margin ratio increases.

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Money Management

If you don't use proper money management to protect your trading funds, you are playing with fire.

Most traders don't even want to think about the possibility of losing, but there is no system on this earth that wins 100% of the time. Choose to ignore this fact and you are doomed to failure.

You must have a system in place to protect your capital against trades that don't go as planned. As I explain on my website, many traders dream of the "one big win" that will leave them set for life, but the reality is that without proper money management, most will fall victim to the "one big loss" that can destroy a potentially promising trading career.

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Using Currency Correlations

Hello Again.

One thing that many new Forex traders overlook is currency correlations. These are the relationships of how one currency pair's prices move in relation to another's.

Some currencies will move in almost the same pattern as others, while some are inclined to move in totally opposite directions. The tricky part is these relationships change over time, so you really should keep informed of the current situation.

If you were unaware of these relationships, you could enter a trade which effectively cancels out another trade you have on, or you may actually be doubling your position if you happen to choose two pairs that move in a similar pattern.

I have a chart posted on my website which shows the currency correlations in the short, medium and long term. You should check them out when you have some time.

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

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Sunday, April 8, 2007

A Successful Forex System

If you are considering getting started in currency trading, there are hundreds of systems to choose from.

The most successful Forex trading systems are ones that are easy to follow, produce good signals and include enough relevant information to help you understand how it works.

To blindly follow someone else's system usually leads to failure. One good practice that has worked very well for many traders, is to start with a packaged system, then slightly modify it to suit their own trading style.

A very good system I purchased when I was learning Forex trading is the Surefire Forex Trading system. Mark McRae, the developer of the system, is a well seasoned trader with many years of experience.

Mark's system comes with what must be the largest collection of freebies in the business. He has a "Trader's secret library" which is a free bonus area, containing a boatload of reference material, for all who purchase his system's ebook. I still use the secret library often myself, and there are constantly new items being added to it!

There is also a special promotion on right now that offers $20 off the regular price, yet still includes all the free stuff. The free information itself is worth more than the price of this proven Forex system.

This system works well as is, or it can be easily tweaked to suit your own trading style. Either way, it's a great investment for any Forex trader, and it comes with a money back guarantee if you're not fully satisfied!

Surefire Forex Trading is an information packed ebook, so it's available for immediate download. I know when I downloaded my copy, I was up half the night because it is hard to put down!

When you're ready to start making money, Click on this link for all of the details, I know you'll be glad you did.

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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Forex Trading Essentials

Check out the article I have written on my website regarding 10 ways Forex traders can improve their trading.

If your currency trading isn't doing very well, visit my website and check out the suggestions.

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